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Ready to change your life?

The fear to try something new, the fear to make mistakes… this is what we all feel when we decide take a 180º turn to our life. For me, everything started on June of 2012, when a group of friends appeared in my life and pushed me into surf practising.

Thanks to Liam Gardiner (Scottish) and River Bennett (USA) for this first step. I still remember that moment while coming out of the water after my first surf lesson, in Canarias precisely, that I switched on my cellphone and got a message from Liam saying:

Ready to change your life?


My first knowledge, the smell of wax, the sea… I stepped into a new world by the hand of someone who came from the same place as I did and decided (intelligently) to change his life way before than I did. My adventure with this sport -or lifestyle- started there and it’s been always present up to this day.

During my stay in Mexico – Sayulita (Puerto Vallarta)… I was denying all these signals that were pushing me into a deep change in my life, I had sacrified a lot of years working in an office to get where I was at that time.

After some wonderful six months living between my job and surf, my life takes another detour to Morrocco (Tanger) due to my job… and once again Surf appeared in my life and with it a group of amazing people as well.

Several months later, with my coming back to Barcelona I was taking back the life I left behind, and that is: spending a lot of hours in my workplace from monday to friday longing for weekends, and what’s worst, with no waves. My life, my job, my partner, my friends, my family, everything felt insignificant compared to what I wanted to live.

And all of the sudden, after just six months in Barcelona I saw myself without job, without partner and it was when I started building my new life.  I left behind everything that I unconsciously built around me… and took everything that fit in my car to my new life. I had decided to run a Surf school.

BUENA ONDA SURF SCHOOL is just the consequence of my life, with no further intention but to share all the good things I have lived.

Welcome to life. Enjoy life and Surf.

Javier Antúnez
Founding partner.

buena onda surf academy in gran canarias our vibe
buena onda surf academy in gran canarias our vibe
buena onda surf academy in gran canarias our vibe